Frontend developer, who loves to create awesome user experiences

About Me

Front-end developer, interested in Web and Ui. Currently studying Software Engineering Masters at IAU. Programming since February of 2020. Focused on Next.js/React.js Ecosystem.

OSS Projects


Set of React and Tailwind Components, with elegant and response designs.

Main technologies


CPU Scheduler Emulator

I presented "CPU Scheduler Emulator" as my project for Operation systems labs at IAU. It will calculate the scheduling of a list of processes with different algorithms and output their results and compare them and specify the best Algorithm for those given processes.

Main technologies


Earthquake Monitoring

This was my final project for my bachelors degree at IAU. I used Next.js for the main web server, Nodejs for the cron job, PostgreSQL as the main database and RedisDB as a caching layer. You can find more details on Github.

Main technologies



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Version Control

Issued by Coursera on April of 2023


Advanced React

Issued by Coursera on April of 2023


Principles of UX/UI Design

Issued by Coursera on April of 2023



Issued by Sololearn on April of 2023


React + Redux

Issued by Sololearn on April of 2023


Simple Expandable Card

You have most likely used the Apple app store, and been fascinated by the smooth card transitions to a full-screen page. It's a common transition on native mobile apps, but it's quite rare on the web. But fear not, we are going to create a bootleg version of it on the web, and for the cherry on top, we won't use any additional library.

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